Well we’re back now, tans have faded and normal daily life has snuck back in.

We stayed on AoNang beach for the last week of our trip, spending our time just milling about in the shops and on the beach, eating, drinking coffee and singing along to the Snake Show truck as it passed again and again.

We took a couple of day trips that week too – one was an island hopper, visiting PhiPhi, Monkey Island, Viking Cave and Bamboo Island, with lots of snorkelling with fishes in the clear, shallow water. The other was elephant trekking, the Emerald pool and the natural hot springs, which was one of the highlights of the whole trip for me.

Emma got bitten by monstrous, beastly things – judging by the bite marks they left and I got sunburned again – this time twice across my chest over two days, one layer of burn over another… I ended up with a kind of prickly heat thing going on for our last night there, meaning I only managed to sleep in short bursts, draped in a cold, wet towel to stop the fiery pins and needles across my chest and shoulders.

Flying to KL straight from Krabi, we met up with Michal again at the gate for the London flight in KL airport and he told us about the Vietnamese girl he’d met, how he’d flown back out there and spent another week with her and how he was going to fly back out in a couple of weeks to see her again as she was definitely the girl he was going to marry…

None of us really wanted to go home. We were travel weary and missing the creature comforts and personal space of home, but also wanted this next flight to take us somewhere new and not be our last.

We got off the plane in London nearing 5 am and got the thankfully pre-rush hour tube back home, finishing the journey and our trip back home, feeling out of place and knowing the next trip probably won’t be too far away.