Another year and every time a little less eager to mark its passing.

Happy to be 32!

I usually try to play the old birthdays down a bit. I suppose it’s like the “If I can’t see them, they can’t see me” mentality, but this year I really enjoyed my birthday, cos it combined some of my favourite things: travel,good friends, go-karting and booze 🙂

All week, my girlfriend had been telling me that we’d be doing something on the weekend, but not telling me more than that i’d have to book the friday off, so thursday afternoon came, I arrived back at East Croydon station as per my usual journey home from work and there she is on the platform, holding a big carry-all, grinning for all the world like the cat who’d jacked a milk float.

From there, we were back on the train towards Brighton. Maybe a weekend by the sea in a nice hotel, dinner in the lanes, etc.? Not so. Gatwick arrives and we’re off onto the platform and up towards the airport. To tell the truth, I’m pretty confused by this point – I know that it’s going to be nearby destination, but where? I could remember talking to her about visiting Iceland, maybe Norway (where i spent three years as a kid and would love to go back one day) or had I said something about some other European city? Prague? Rome?
Well we evidently had some time before our flight, so we sat down in a bar for a beer and snack and about ten minutes in, I looked up and two of our friends, Russ and his wife, Gwen were standing there, luggage in hand, grinning with equally mischievious and cream-napping accomplice-like looks on their faces.

A short flight later, we stepped off into Dublin airport, hired a car and whipped out to pretty lush hotel just outside Dublin. To tell the truth, I was pretty blown away by the whole trip. It’s really gotta be the best organised, well thought out present i’ve ever received from someone.

The rest of the weekend was a nice mix of relaxation, gargling Jaegermeister and Magners / Bulmers and a cracking go-karting place that had very cool split-level tracks! 😈