For years now I’ve been carting a large collection of cassettes (largely unlabeled) around with me when ever I move house.. They take up space and generally sit there, unplayed, containing unfathomable favourite bands of my youth.

I’m generally been in favour of all things digital really, my movie and music collections are now exclusively digital – no bookshelves of DVDs and space-hogging CD racks looming around my place! So I was long past due a sort through of these damned tapes and to rip any gems they may contain. I’d just ordered a reasonably cheap cassette to USB player off eBay, so I wrote off the rest of the day and got started 🙂


Remember poking rizlas or bog roll into the holes in the top of cassettes in order to tape over them? Bit of a trip down memory lane to look through all of these – three ripped copies of Blood Sugar Sex Magic, some horrifically bad death metal, half a Helmet album and a whole shit-load of rubbish jungle and drum and bass that some git had taped off some pirate radio station. God only knows what classics had been lost forever there 😉

The way the tape case fits in your hand just kinda felt natural and well sized – I remember picking up a CD for the first time and thinking how thin and insubstantial it felt compared to a nice fat, chunky cassette. That must’ve been my first ever CD, Mr Bungle, that I’d bought even before I even owned a CD player – a kind of audio cart-horse situation, I suppose.

Anyway, I got through them – I’d say about 30 tapes all told. Some good finds – songs from my old band and even ones of me just recording riffs I’d written (mostly crap ones :)) – all nicely ripped to MP3 and backed up on my hard drive.

Tapes meet bin. Bin.. tapes. 🙂

Digital being such a versatile format, I can’t see me having to go through this rigmarole again thank fuck!