deafening Mobile phones playing music on public transport.

People answering phone calls in the cinema.

Is common courtesy an outmoded concept, superceded by technology?

We’ve all sat there, angered and galled by arrogant, solipsist twats, playing tinny music from their phones.

There’s never a handy baseball bat when you need one, is there 🙂
Now it seems there may be salvation on the horizon – DMP or ‘Digital Manners Policy’.

Microsoft has recently filed a patent for DMP, which is intended to work similarly to the RFID (proximity activated) chips that we see in shop alarm systems, etc.. The idea being that public areas like hospitals, cinemas, aeroplanes and (i pray) public transport can automatically switch mobile devices into standby, flight or silent mode. Thereby avoiding the need for public beatings, ABH and destruction of personal property 🙂…/manners-into-the-digital-age.html