With the baggage of @22hrs air-time under my eyelids, inflamed corneias from a nigh on complete Russell Crowe B film marathon and about 15 mins of unconsciousness, I was greeted by a brown little bunny and this…

view of perth city from king's park

Well… to be honest, I still have seen that particular view and unless the airport is up a tree on a hill somewhere south of Perth, that wasn’t quite my first view of Perth. ( add a little more concrete and you’re there.. 😈 )
There were palm trees at the airport though.. does that count? ( no fucking palm trees in croydon, so yes, it does fucking count!! – no pikeys in them either.. 🙁 )

I’m still working away, thanks to the lappy I brought with me. ( All the students from malaysia were on the flight next to me with the Sony Clie’s and Laptops, so I kept my humble chugger hidden and played my old-style GBA. 😕
Hopefully sometime soon, I’ll finish off my UK projects and get on with some sightseeing round here.. gotta really make some plans to get moving also, cos there’s only so much I can see in Perth.
A little luck should see us just down the road on Sunday – at the Cable Ski Water Park thingy. Wakeboarding and waterslides.. hope I can take some pics..

Done the beach thang.. ( and consequentially done the burny-peely thang ) but I seem to be browning nicely, but cos I keep sitting inside, working during the sunny days, it’s not the deepest tan I’ve ever worn.. more sorta grimy (which helps me fit in with the students).

Now it may sound weird, but I’m really kinda looking forward to seeing all the strange, alien drone-looking insects. Only seen the local cockroaches, a strange, green glidey thing that landed on Laura’s arm (very funny – should get my hearing back soon :-?) and some really cool red dragonflies. The cockroaches are proper Joe’s Apartment style and are about 1-2 inches long. They kinda move like flies, but on the ground – really difficult to walk around. I think the general solution is to just not give a shit and crunch through the buggers.

We’re off to an nearby island soon and there’s supposed to be loads of these kangaroo rat things there. They’re basically rats, but they’ve got elongated back feet and kinda hop about. Saw one in the nearby park.. damned funny to watch 🙂

Well.. will hopefully get some more pics up soon. There’s a paultry few in the (Imageviewer), but I’m kinda taking more video than pics..

Will post again when I’ve got some more definite plans or have done some stuff 😉

See ya!